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Table 1 Search terms

From: Observer roles that optimise learning in healthcare simulation education: a systematic review

Population Intervention Outcome
Nurs* or Simulation or Learn* or
midwif* or Patient simulation or Knowledge or
Medic* or Manikin* or Skill* or
doctor or Mannequin* or Attitude* or
surgery or Simulated patient* or Behav*
Allied health or Standardised patient* or
Physiotherap* or Standardized patient* or
Occupational therap* or Role play or
Dental or Actor or
Dentist* or Acting or
Social work* or theatre
Respiratory therap* or  
Dietet* or AND
Paramedic* or Observ* or
Aboriginal torres strait Observ* role or
islander health or Observational learn* or
Indigen* or Vicarious learn* or
Inter professional or Watching
Interprofessional or
Intra professional or
Intraprofessional or
Multi disciplin* or
Multidisciplin* or
Multi profession* or