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Table 2 Reviewers, January 20142015

From: The Association of Standardized Patient Educators (ASPE) Standards of Best Practice (SOBP)

Connie Coralli USA Chair, ASPE Educational Resources Committee, 2013–2015
Melih Elcin Turkey Member Liaison, ASPE, 2014–2015
Valerie Fulmer USA Chair, ASPE Publications Committee, 2014–2015
Carine Layat-Burn Switzerland Chair, ASPE International Committee, 2014–2015
Karen Lewis USA President, ASPE, 2014–2015
Lorraine Lyman USA Chair, ASPE Standards of Practice Committee, 2014–2016
Debra Nestel Australia Simulated Patient Network
Jan-Joost Rethans Netherlands Chair, ASPE International Committee, 2007–2008
Karen Reynolds United Kingdom Vice President for Operations, ASPE, 2014–2015
Cathy Smith Canada Chair, ASPE Conference Committee, 2013–2016
Amber Walton USA Vice President for Operations, ASPE, 2011–2013