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Table 1 Title, type, and simulator used and scenarios played at each station for both editions of SIMCUP

From: A novel simulation competition format as an effective instructional tool in post-graduate medical education

Station Title Type Edition Simulator Scenario
Day 1
 1 Medical adult High fidelity 2015 Gaumard HAL S3201 Acute pulmonary edema
2016 Acute upper GI bleeding
 2 Advanced cardiac life support Medium fidelity 2015 Laerdal ALS Simulator Cardiac arrest following hyperkalemia
 3 Disaster triage Virtual reality 2015 e-semble XVR Triage of ten casualties following motor vehicle accident
2016 Triage of ten casualties following train accident
 4 Pediatric/neonatal High fidelity 2015 Laerdal SimBaby Birth asphyxia
2016 Dehydration and hypoglicemia in a small children
 5 Obstetric emergency High fidelity 2015 Gaumard Noelle S57x.100 Eclampsia
2016 Post-partum hemorrhage
 6 Pre-hospital trauma High fidelity 2015 Gaumard HAL S3101 Traumatic lower limb amputation with shock
2016 Standardized Patient Open fracture of the lower limb with active bleeding from femoral artery
 7a Emergency bronchoscopy Skill station 2015 Simbionix Bronch Mentor Removal of a foreign body
2016 Airway Ldt Orsim
 7b Lumbar puncture Skill station 2015 Kyoto Kagaku Lumbar Puncture Simulator II Lumbar puncture execution
 7c FAST ultrasound Skill station 2015 Standardized patient FAST execution
2016 3DSystem U/S Mentor
 7d Basic surgical skill Skill station 2015 Basic Surgical Instruments and SimuLab Tissue Standard Model Suture execution
 7e Ultrasound guided CVC placement Skill station 2015 SimuLab Central Line System Placement of central venous line under US guidance
 7f Quality CPR Skill station 2015 Laerdal QCPR ResusciAnne Achievement of perfection in chest compression rate and timing
Chest drain placement 2016 SimuLab Trauma Man System Chest drain placement
Day 2
Semi-finals Adult High fidelity 2015 Gaumard HAL S3201 Traumatic brain injury
Obstetric emergency 2016 Gaumand Noelle S57x.100 Domestic violence in a 33-week pregnant lady
Pediatric/neonatal 2016 Laerdal SimBaby Congenital diaphragmatic hernia
 Finals Obstetric emergency High fidelity 2015 Gaumard Noelle S57x.100
Laerdal SimBaby
Cardiac arrest with peri-mortem C-section and neonatal resuscitation
Adult 2016 Gaumard HAL S3201 Acute anaphylaxis with complete airway obstruction and need for surgical airway in an outpatient settings