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Table 2 Currently commercially available obstetrical simulation models/task trainers/simulators

From: A novel biosimulation task trainer for the deliberate practice of resuscitative hysterotomy

Gaumard Advanced Childbirth Simulator CS500 “OB Susie” $595
Simulaids Obstetrical Manikin 180 $660
3B Scientific Birthing Simulator Basic $942,p_895_28348.html
3B Scientific Birthing Simulator PRO $1423 h ttps://,p_895_28349.html
3B Scientific Birthing Simulator $1945,p_1453_2262.html
Kyoto Kagaku Vaginal Delivery Assistance Simulator $4000
Adam, Rouilly DESPERATE DEBRA $6400
Limbs & Things PROMPT Birthing Simulator - Standard $5835
Limbs & Things Caesarean Section Module Prompt Flex(add-on) +$2370
Operative Experience C-Celia - Obstetric Simulator for Fetal Extractions at Cesarean Deliveries $13,300–$19,200
Gaumard NOELLE S550 $4295
Nasco Life/form Lucy Maternal and Neonatal Birthing Simulator - Basic Lucy $5900
Laerdal SimMom $30,000
Simulaids SMART MOM Basic Birthing Simulator $30,600
Gaumard Victoria S2200 $56,500