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Table 2 List of clinical and non-clinical skills the participants of focus group need further training in

From: A needs assessment for simulation-based training of emergency medical providers in Nebraska, USA

Themes Types of skills
Behavioral health Acute psychiatric conditions
Detection and treatment for behavioral emergencies
Cardiac care Acute myocardial infarction
Cardiac arrest management
Communication and handoffs between providers Team transition
Scene dynamics
Diabetes management Diabetic ketoacidosis
Insulin pump
Maternal health and child delivery Postpartum hemorrhage
Delivery: precipitous/regular
Shoulder dystocia
Neonatal resuscitation
Pediatric and infant care Pediatric trauma
Emergency procedures
Respiratory emergency Intubation
Respiratory arrest
Needle decompression/chest tube
Intraosseous placement
Teamwork and decision-making Continuation of care
Decision to transfer (whole team)
Multi-victim trauma
Trauma Burns from overexposure to chemicals, electricity, and fire
Farming/ranching injuries
Hemorrhage gunshots
  1. The themes are arranged in alphabetical order