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Table 2 Themes, categories and sub-categories of student experiences interacting with the VPs

From: Exploring undergraduate nursing student interactions with virtual patients to develop ‘non-technical skills’ through case study methodology

Theme Category Sub-category
1. How the VP enables learning to happen Socialisation to role “This is how I should be.”
“Develops self-confidence.”
Authenticity “Real but not real.”
“The same thing happens.”
“Sometimes bad things happen”
Learning through mistakes  
Vicarious learning  
2. Learning surrounding the VP encounter “We all got to work together.”
Reflective practice.
“Connects with the content.”
3. Changing the way students perceive practice “We’re all involved in patient safety”.
Practical value
“That’s not the way we do it here!”
4. Potential limitations to learning Fear
Barrier of the classroom