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Table 2 Questions in online survey to clinical educators

From: Using stakeholder input to inform scenario content: an example from physiotherapy

1. Can you identify any ‘must know’ orthopaedic conditions that students do not experience at your site? Conversely, in your experience, are there gaps in the new graduates’ experience when it comes to common conditions in your context?
2. Can you identify any skills that are commonly lacking in new graduates or that students consistently need additional support to develop? Particularly note any safety concerns. Please give specific examples of what behaviours or improvements you would like to see.
3. What challenging psychosocial situations are your students or new graduates exposed to? Are there specific management strategies you could suggest, or skills you would like them to develop?
4. What complications do you feel the students or new graduates would benefit from ‘experience of’? Please suggest how you feel these complications should be managed.
5. Are there any concepts you feel students or new graduates need a stronger understanding of? What specifically would you like them to be aware of?
6. The Queensland Orthopaedic Physiotherapy Network (2013) identified experiences considered essential for orthopaedic clinical placements. How often are you able to provide an adequate level of these experiences for your students?
7. Please expand on any concerns identified in question 6
8. We would greatly appreciate any additional comments or suggestions you might have.