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Table 1 (abstract A11). Comparison between the knowledge before the course, immediately after the course and 6 months later

From: Selected abstracts from the 25th Annual Meeting of the Society in Europe for Simulation Applied to Medicine

  Learning during the course Maintenance of the acquired knowledge
Topic Punctuation* before
Punctuation* after
Comparison before/after
Punctuation* 6 months later
Comparison after/6 months later
I know what aspects I have to prepare before delivering bad news 3 4 <0.001 4 NS
I know what to do after giving the bad news so that families feel accompanied 3 4 <0.001 4 NS
I feel ready to communicate bad news to patients and family 3 4 <0.001 4 NS
I have communication skills to deliver bad news 3 4.14 <0.001 4 NS
I have skills to relate to patients and their families 4 4 0.001 4 0.065
I have confidence in myself to face bad news delivery 4 4.19 <0.001 4 NS
  1. *Median of scores of the participants (between 1 and 5, being 1 in total disagreement and 5 in total agreement)
  2. NS= Non significant