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Table 1 Area-specific simulations

From: Commissioning simulations to test new healthcare facilities: a proactive and innovative approach to healthcare system safety

Opening date Area Theme of scenarios Number of scenarios completed/participants
August 2012 Clinical support services (FM&E, housekeeping, supply, administration, lab, clinical engineering, protection services) First simulations were done incorporating those outside clinical services using an advanced first responder/Code Blue event.
No clinical support 911 response required.
Most departments had limited first aide responders only
7 days/14 sessions
124 participants
September 2012
May 2013
Emergency disaster management Code Green (evacuation), Code Red (fire)/loss of power, Code White (aggressive patient), Code Yellow (missing Marvin Site response) 1 session—65 participants
1 session—59 participants
1session—44 participants
1 session—68 participants
  Diagnostic imaging
Magnetic resonance imaging
Anaphylaxis due to contrast injection
Code Blue events in MRI and CT area requiring a 911 response to site
Way finding becomes a major issue - collaborations for EMS crews with protection services as a key player
3 days—6 Sessions
42 participants
1session—34 participants
  Neuro outpatient clinics/rehab Seizure 5 days—10 sessions
68 participants
January 2013 Emergency department Trauma, acute coronary syndrome requiring transfer to catheterization lab at another hospital, precipitous birth, pediatric asthma attack 3 days multiple concurrent sessions—48 sessions
240 participants
February 2013 Intensive care unit (ICU) Code Blue response all units, Code 66 – medical emergency team, anaphylaxis in a public area, transfer to operating room Multiple days concurrent with orientation—24 sessions 96 participants
April 2013 Medical inpatient units and outpatient clinics Code Blue Multiple days concurrent with orientation—138 sessions 690 participants
  Operating rooms (OR)
Post-anesthetic care
Code Blue, malignant hyperthermia, trauma, transfer from ED to OR to ICU 4 days—12 sessions
144 participants
2 days—6 sessions
19 participants
July 2103 Pediatric outpatient clinics Seizure, asthma 2 sessions—28 participants
September 2103 Family maternal practice (FMP)
Neonatal intensive care unit (NICU)
Women’s Clinic
Vaginal birth with vacuum/forceps, cord prolapse with transfer to OR, post-partum hemorrhage, neonatal resuscitation, maternal code 12 days—multiple concurrent sessions—
108 sessions
282 participants
July 2014 Cardiac intensive care unit (CICU) Acute coronary syndrome, Code Blue, extreme bradycardia requiring pacing, synchronized cardioversion 1 day—4 sessions/16 participants