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Table 1 Results of in situ Evaluation Parameters for Needs Assessment

From: Use of simulation as a needs assessment to develop a focused team leader training curriculum for resuscitation teams

TeamSTEPPS Performance Observation - Areas of Opportunity Noted
Team Leader did not Identify themselves as leading the resuscitation
Team Leader did not assign roles and responsibilities
Team leader failed to maintain situational awareness throughout the code
Team Leader did not foster communication to ensure team members have a shared mental model
Team Leader failed to collaborate with team members
Team Leader did not provide timely and constructive feedback to team members, i.e. rate and quality of chest compressions
Closed Loop Communication was lacking or non-existent during the resuscitation
AHA ACLS Guidelines – Areas of Opportunity Noted
Quality of chest compressions varied with team leader failing to monitor and address
Airway management was not assessed
Time to initial shock was variable
Cardiac rhythm was not announced to the team
  1. AHA: American Heart Association, ACLS: Advanced Cardiac Life Support