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Table 1 Pediatric emergency medicine continuing professional development simulation curriculum systematic prioritization matrix

From: Development of an in situ simulation-based continuing professional development curriculum in pediatric emergency medicine

  1. All items are ranked from 1 (low priority) to 5 (high priority), with 3 (moderate priority) being starting default score
  2. RCPSC Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, PEM pediatric emergency medicine, PEMSOC Pediatric Emergency Medicine Simulation Oversite Committee
  3. 1Proportion of PEM physicians within the division feeling that curriculum item should be included in CPD simulation curriculum: 1 = 0–20% PEM physicians responding yes; 2 = 21–40%; 3 = 41–60%; 4 = 61–80%; and 5 = 81–100%
  4. 2Mean rank from 1–5 from the following 6 PEM leaders: medical director and division head, deputy division head, PEM quality improvement and patient safety lead, general emergency medicine site lead, PEM pharmacy lead, PEM nursing lead