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Table 2 Pedagogical considerations expressed in the interviews of the facilitators before the training (CRM, crew resource management)

From: Challenges to the implementation of in situ simulation at HEMS bases: a qualitative study of facilitators’ expectations and strategies

Phases Themes Citations
Development of training Consider all team members’ learning needs Ask all crew members what they think should be included
Include both medical aspects and technical aspects to involve the pilot and the assistant
Include CRM aspects, which can contribute to shared situational awareness
Develop good scenarios
Development of scenarios Involve the pilot in the development and assign them precise tasks, e.g. find medication, communicate with the relatives
Ask the crew members about engaging scenarios
Motivation of the participants If the crew see training as useful—they will learn from it
Make it voluntary and not mandatory to participate
Involve the most engaged crew members and make them spread the enthusiasm
Delivery of training Level of difficulty Start with easy scenarios to make crew members familiar with the concept
Prepare yourself by identifying the individual crew members and think of what they can do
Keep all crew members motivated by involving them
Focus on CRM initially and thereafter on medical expertise and skills
Focus on basic competences in the beginning
Prepare the participants Send the theme of the scenario and procedural guidelines in advance
Psychological safety Establish a safe learning environment
What happens in the room stays in the room
Focus on learning—it is not a test
Making it safe for the participants will help in making training a part of regular work
Frequency of training Take into consideration the shift periods of the individual crew members
Plan the training at the end of a week, so that the crew know each other
Consider training once a week except in the busiest periods
It should be an exemption that training is not conducted
Faculty training Training is vital to be able to run the scenarios
Faculty have high ambitions
Continuous improvement Quality of the training Crew members will lose interest if we do not secure the quality of the training
High level of medical expertise to be sure the crew members bring something back
Be sure that there is not too much repetition