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Table 2 Zoom™ pre-meeting settings (1 month before)

From: A practical guide for translating in-person simulation curriculum to telesimulation

Zoom™ settings Description and rational within the telesimulation curriculum
The waiting room • It allowed the Zoom™ operator to monitor the number of students present at the moment of the group appointment. Once all the expected students were virtually present in the waiting room and once the instructors and the SPs confirmed that they were ready to start, the operator admitted the students all at once
Breakout rooms • Groups were virtually created using the breakout room function of the Zoom™ platform. Participants, instructors, and SPs were manually pre-assigned to each breakout room by the Zoom™ operator based on the detailed schedule planned ahead on an Excel sheet (see Fig. 4)
Countdown timer before closing breakout rooms • The operator sets up this Zoom™ function to give participants a visible countdown of 60 s before bringing everyone to the main session. The countdown also served as hint for the instructors, who needed to wrap up the discussion between students
Allow participants to return to the main session at any time • This function was disabled, so participants did not have the option to return to the main session by themselves