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Table 4 Information included in the telesimulation agreement

From: A practical guide for translating in-person simulation curriculum to telesimulation

Section Description
Students’ learning contract • In this section, students were informed about the format differences between the online and the in-person simulations including the fact that they were going to have pre-assigned roles. They were told about the need to have a professional behavior at all times, to suspend disbelief, and to engage in their role as physicians, which required connecting on time and wearing a white coat as they usually do at the hospital. They were also asked to engage in a respectful relationship with the SPs, as they would in a telemedicine consult
Confidentiality of scenarios • Participants were informed about their moral obligation not to talk about the scenarios and other participants’ performance. Zoom™ recording functions were disabled for the participants
Security and good Zoom™ practices • Participants were asked to use a stable connection and to connect via the Moodle™ platform. They were also asked to download the latest Zoom™ version to guarantee that all the functionalities would work when needed
Authorization to record and review video recordings for technical, educational, and research purposes • Participants were asked to consent (or not) to the use of their data for further technical and/or research purposes