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Table 2 Trigger definitions and directions (i.e., if they indicate reduced or enhanced immersion)

From: The impact of contextualization on immersion in healthcare simulation

Trigger# Definition Direction
T1 Destructive interaction between participants and persons outside the scenario Negative
T2 A participant expresses that the expected equipment is missing or not functioning normally. Negative
T3 Disturbing jumps in time and/or space Negative
T4 All or part of the operations are pretended. Negative
T5 Unnatural interaction with the patient and/or another person in the scenario Negative
T6 Uncertainty in what is expected or can be done in the simulated scenario Negative
T7 Technology that would not be part of a natural context disturbs the participants. Negative
T8 Natural responses to stimuli in the scenario Positive
T9 Natural interaction with the simulator Positive
T10 Natural interaction and/or verbal communication with another person in the scenario Positive