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Table 1 Example of a codebook entry: educating others

From: Clinical exercise physiology students learning with older adults: an innovative simulation-based education programme

Title: Educating others
Description: This code is used for statements that related the students’ experiences of teaching others about their own discipline.
Criteria for inclusion: This code includes only those statements that involved discussion with someone who is NOT working within the CEP discipline.
Criteria for exclusion: Do not include statements that relate to CEP students educating others in the CEP discipline.
Do not include statements that relate to CEP students being educated by others.
Example: “She [oncolocy nurse] didn’t really know what we did as EPs, and I was explaining it to her…” (Student C)
Notes: Hierarchy:
Benefits of the placement:
Educating about own discipline
Knowledge acquisition
Patient awareness
Personal motivation or affirmation
Professional insights