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Table 3 Examples for questions to stimulate the discussion during a NTS Bingo “defence”

From: Non-Technical Skills Bingo—a game to facilitate the learning of complex concepts

• Where did you see positive and negative examples for the ANTSdk element that we are discussing?

• What could be non-examples for the ANTSdk element?

• Did anybody else see a different example?

• Do all agree about the assessment of the example as a good or bad one?

• What should have happened in the movie so that you would have put this example on your card as a good example, not a bad one (or vice versa)?

• On a scale from 0 (very bad) to 10 (very good)—how good do you think this example was in regard to the safety in this situation? What should happen to improve the example by 2 points on your scale? What other criteria could you use to assess good or bad in this situation?

• How did the example that we discuss contribute to the overall progress and outcome of the scene that we saw?

• How is the example that we discuss related to the other examples on your own card and/or the other players’ cards?

• Please describe where you had similar experiences as we saw in the example.