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Table 1 Aggregate number of steps followed by all teams

From: Simulation as a toolkit—understanding the perils of blood transfusion in a complex health care environment

  Step No. of teams completing steps (max score 10)
Ordering blood components Check for written and informed consent 2
RN calls TM lab for blood 9
RN stamps TR and indicates # of units 6
RN asks PSA to take TR to TM 10
Obtaining blood from TM PSA gives TR to MLT and says patient name, location 2
MLT finds product and enters it in computer 10
MLT puts labels on TR 10
MLT enters PSA name and time of issue and gives PSA product 8
Handover of blood to OR PSA returns to OR after stopping at OR desk 2
PSA confirms product and ID with RN in OR 3
Administration of blood RN confirms original order 0
Vital signs of patient noted 10
2 clinicians check patient ID armband against TR for medical record number (MRN), name, date of birth (DOB) 4
ID (Name, MRN, DOB) on TR is checked against TM component label and TR 8
Component type checked 5
Check Donor # on RBC label against TM label 10
Check blood group and compatibility status on RBC and TM label 4
Check expiry date, visually inspect blood component 3
One HCP who checked ID band spikes component 10