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Table 5 Focus group summary

From: Simulation as a toolkit—understanding the perils of blood transfusion in a complex health care environment

SBT characteristics Participants perceptions of SBT
Assessment tool Learning tool
Controlled activity
“The PSA that was assigned to my team was right there and in real life that would not happen.”
Detecting gaps and assessing teamwork
“it [SBT] clarified how well the team can work without the distractors and how distractors can be the thing that really takes form teamwork.”
Learning by doing without harm to patients
Focused learning activity
“I think the communication was great and part of the reason for that was it was hyper focused on the one thing that we were doing and in real life, that doesn't always play out that way.”
Learning a complex process in an interprofessional environment
“Within the team I learned how to have a better understanding of how the process of getting the blood into the OR and how it effects where the communication breakdown can occur.”
Conscious learning
“The learning was more because I knew I was being evaluated.”
Self-assessment and reflection
“It allows you to step back and assess your performance without any negative connotations or impact for the patient.”