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Table 1 Components of Northwestern Simulation™ curriculum submission form

From: An institution-wide approach to submission, review, and funding of simulation-based curricula

Primary Faculty and Teaching Faculty Information (including SBME experience)
Other sources of funding (if any)
Research Plan (including date of IRB approval)
Curriculum Description
 Background/needs assessment
 Learning objectives
 Target learners
 Location (simulation center, in-situ, classroom)
 Brief summary of curriculum (including educational rationale, approach, plan for creating a safe learning environment, why SBME is proposed, and how this curriculum is relevant to and may impact clinical practice)
 Assessment tools and plan
 Relation of curriculum to ACGME requirements in your specialty
 How your curricula will be evaluated for future quality improvement
Information for cost calculations
 Number of sessions planned
 Simulators required (tissue, high-fidelity mannequin, task trainer, virtual reality, standardized patient encounter)
 Staffing needs
 Room requests (bioskills spaces, debriefing, procedural training space, high fidelity simulation rooms, didactic/classroom)
  1. SBME simulation-based medical education, IRB institutional review board, ACGME Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education