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Table 2 Changes made to SQIOT during testing

From: Documentation framework for healthcare simulation quality improvement activities

Amendments made to SQIOT Phase of testing Rationale
Document design Phase 1 The document went through multiple versions upon commencement of simulations within the simulation centre and as the hospital processes and workflows were being redeveloped and amended.
Section: do number of steps in a process reduced Amended after Phase 2
Test 1
Initially, the SQIOT form was too prescriptive as it outlined every single expected step in a care episode or process. As a result, the ‘Do’ section of the SQIOT was predominately not completed by observers during Phase 2.
Section: do
addition of ‘Not Applicable’
Amended after Phase 2
Test 2
Data collectors expressed confusion when completing the tool because a number of prescribed equipment or processes were not in place. What was needed was an option of ‘N/A’ (not applicable) in addition to ‘Yes or No’.
Section: study
increased space for free text
Amended after Phase 2
Test 1
Observers were a mixture of clinical experts, simulation team members, hospital leaders, service support staff, and the embedded simulated patients. After test one, observers requested additional free text space. The key benefit of adding more open space for comments was that observers could document their view, thus ensuring the process was evaluated from multiple perspectives. Later, during data analysis, it was possible to identify themes from the varied observer groups.