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Table 1 Quality criteria score

From: Improving the quality of transvaginal ultrasound scan by simulation training for general practice residents

Standardized plane Quality criteria Points
Sagittal view of the uterus (/4) Uterus on 2/3 of image surface 1 point
Fundus of the uterus observable 1 point
Vacuity line observable 1 point
Endocervix observable 1 point
Longitudinal right or left ovary planes (/4) Side specified 1 point
Ovary on 1/3 of image surface 1 point
Presence of follicles 1 point
Iliac vein present 1 point
Morrison space (/3) Liver and kidney observable 1 point
Ovoid kidney and not round 1 point
Both extremities of kidney 1 point