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Table 2 OSATS mark scheme for task analysis derived from bench model assessments [10]

From: Basic skin surgery interactive simulation: system description and randomised educational trial

Score 1 2 3 4 5
Time in motion Many unnecessary moves Efficient time usage and some unnecessary moves Consistently handled tissues appropriately with minimal damage
Instrument handling Repeatedly makes tentative or unsure movements with the instruments Competent usage but occasionally awkward use Fluid and smooth movements
Surgical safety Uses instruments unsafely more than two times and is hazardous to colleagues Uses instruments with good care and aware of disposal of sharps Exceptional attention to surgical safety and timely disposal of sharps
Respect for tissue Unnecessary force utilised and damage to instruments caused Careful handling of tissue but occasional inadvertent damage Consistently exceptional handling of tissues with minimal damage
Demarcation and margins Forgets to demarcate the lesion perimeter Demarcates the lesion perimeter with uncertainty Demarcates the lesion perimeter in its full
Flap marking and planning Plans the flap inappropriately with no concept of geometry Largely pertains to the geometry of rotational or advancement flaps Exceptional local flap design with good understanding of applicable geometry
Administration of local anaesthetic Forgets to administer local anaesthetic or unsafe administration Local anaesthetic administered not wholly adequately Adequate local anaesthetic administration with good technique
Excision and undermining Non-smooth excisional movement and failure of undermining Smooth excision and reasonable undermining eventually Smooth excisional movement and adequate undermining
Coverage and suturing Defect not fully covered and inadequate placement of sutures Defect reasonably covered and adequate placement of sutures Exceptional placement of sutures and coverage of defect
Global mark Unacceptable Average Exceptional