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Table 2 Themes and scenarios for each simulation week

From: Detecting latent safety threats in an interprofessional training that combines in situ simulation with task training in an emergency department

Week theme scenario Arrhythmia Respiratory insufficiency Shock Cardiopulmonary resuscitation
Technical CRM Technical CRM Technical CRM Technical CRM
Pediatric Infant supra ventricular tachycardia Prevent and manage fixation errors Rapid intubation sequence Cross (double) check Infant sepsis Use cognitive aids Symptomatic bradycardia Know the environment
Adolescent Unstable ventricular tachycardia Re-evaluate repeatedly Severe asthma exacerbation Exercise leadership and followership Anaphylaxis Use all available information Ventricular fibrillation arrest Use good teamwork
Adult Symptomatic bradycardia Mobilize all available resources Respiratory arrest Anticipate and plan Adult Sepsis Communicate effectively Pulseless electric activity arrest Allocate attention wisely
task training
• Defibrillation
• Cardioversion
• Transcutaneous pacemaker
• Intubation
• Laryngeal mask airway
• Transport adult and infant ventilator
• Intraosseous
• Ultrasound guided central line
• Infant and adult urinary catheter
• Adult and infant CPR
• Defibrillation
• Pads with feedback