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Table 3 Outline of the training program for facilitators

From: Interprofessional simulation in a student community clinic: insights from an educational framework and contact theory

Program and timeOverview/activityLearning outcomes
Interprofessional collaboration (IPC),
1 day (student-simulated clinic)
Basic introduction to interprofessional collaboration (IPC)The facilitator will build their knowledge, skills and professional practice in IPC and apply it to project activities and to their everyday role
IPC facilitation
IPC student workshop
IPC in the workplace—includes giving constructive feedback
Implementing a simulated clinic (training for facilitators),
1 day
Principles of simulation drawing on the NHET-Sim programFollowing this training, the facilitator will develop local simulated client scenarios; assist in the training of local simulated clients; plan, organise and conduct simulated clinics; prepare students from two different disciplines to undertake the simulated clinic experience and provide support and constructive criticism to all participants
Case scenario introduction
Case scenario development
Conducting a simulated clinic
Training simulated clients
Supporting simulated clients
Giving constructive feedback
Briefing and debriefing
Training program for volunteer ‘simulated clients’, 3 hBecoming a simulated clientFollowing training the volunteer clients will learn specific simulated client scenarios; Undertake the role of the simulated client and provide constructive feedback to students
Learning your role
Adapting and responding to students’ questions
Giving constructive feedback
SimView Information technology,
3 h
Operating the SimView systemThe facilitator will be proficient in using SimView to capture and edit the simulated clinic audio-visual data; facilitator will access the MUDRH website to upload the simulated client scenarios to share with other partners; to seek and answer questions and to keep up to date with project developments
Editing, saving, storing and sharing video files
Accessing the MUDRH website and interprofessional resources
Downloading and accessing scenarios for simulated clients
Facilitators—chat room
Simulated client program—frequently asked questions