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Table 5 Strategies implemented in SP telesimulation training activities to enhance group reflection during debriefing

From: A practical guide for translating in-person simulation curriculum to telesimulation

Category Strategy
Open and explicit communication • All participants were asked to activate the gallery view during the debriefing session
• Participants were asked to rename themselves as soon as they enter the main room. This allowed to address them by their names, making more personal the communication
• As each participant was assigned to a role, they were asked to share their experience and/or their observations
• Input was encouraged by directing questions at certain learners who did not participate spontaneously [37]
• To avoid losing nonverbal cues during the teledebriefing, participants were asked to keep their cameras and microphones open to facilitate interaction [39, 40]
Emotional expression • A protocol to address unpredicted emotional reactions was established. If needed, individuals were invited to join an instructor in a separate breakout room where more detailed follow-up was done
Group cohesion • Small groups of 6–8 students in which students were asked to participate spontaneously
• Students were asked to activate their microphones to participate on a voluntary basis