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Table 3 Thematic analysis of workplace-based RAT narrative comments

From: Simulation versus real-world performance: a direct comparison of emergency medicine resident resuscitation entrustment scoring

Workplace-based RAT narrative
Themes Examples
Interaction with others in the ED “Managed both resus cases well: supervised and directed junior resident and resuscitation; stayed in charge with nursing/staff.”
Overall performance “Excellent problem solving of a difficult cardiac arrest. Good situational awareness.”
Leadership “Led team. Delegated responsibility. Shared mental model clearly particularly when time to call the arrest.”
General medical management “Very capable resuscitation including acute airway management with appropriate technique … Provided him some minor coaching only regarding choice of drugs.”
Communication “Well done. Calm, controlled manner. … Communication by phone by POA. Consulted ICU.”
  1. RAT resuscitation assessment tool